Scrapy ,这是一个用 Python 写的 Crawler Framework ,简单轻巧,并且非常方便,并且官网上说已经在实际生产中在使用了,因此并不是一个玩具级别的东西。

Latest stable release: 0.8

The latest stable release is available from several sources:

  • Download the source tarball: Scrapy-0.8.tar.gz
  • Download the Windows installer: Scrapy-0.8.win32.exe
  • Scrapy 0.8 on PyPI
    • install with: easy_install -U Scrapy
  • Ubuntu PPA for Scrapy 0.8 (maintained by Insophia, the company behind Scrapy)
    • after adding PPA, install with: apt-get install scrapy
    • the PPA version also includes post-release bug fixes


星期四, 3 6 月, 2010 工具

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