1内置的 urllib, urllib2 库用来爬取数据

2 使用BeautifulSoup做数据清洗


Beautiful Soup tries the following encodings, in order of priority, to turn your document into Unicode:

1 An encoding you pass in as the fromEncoding argument to the soup constructor.

2 An encoding discovered in the document itself: for instance, in an XML declaration or (for HTML documents) an http-equiv META tag. If Beautiful Soup finds this kind of encoding within the document, it parses the document again from the beginning and gives the new encoding a try. The only exception is if you explicitly specified an encoding, and that encoding actually worked: then it will ignore any encoding it finds in the document.

3 An encoding sniffed by looking at the first few bytes of the file. If an encoding is detected at this stage, it will be one of the UTF-* encodings, EBCDIC, or ASCII.

4 An encoding sniffed by the chardet library, if you have it installed.

5 UTF-8

6 Windows-1252


soup = BeautifulSoup(euc_jp, fromEncoding="gbk")

3 使用python chardet 字符编码判断

4 更加强大的 selenium

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